Vision Petlon Polymers – Printing Out The Future at School

In a bid to empower students with the latest in production technology, major manufacturer and supplier of prime and re-engineered polymer products in Europe, Vision Petlon Polymers, recently donated a new 3D printer to the students of Dean Academy, Lydney.

Officially unveiled and presented by Mark Harper, MP for the Forest of Dean, the 3D printer which allows a physical object to be constructed from a digital design will help aid learning and development within the Design and Technology faculty.

Speaking at the presentation ceremony, Gavin Rees, Managing Director at Vision Petlon Polymers revealed that the donation of the printer was part of the company’s commitment to empower individuals within the local community.

“Vision Petlon Polymers has been around for many years. We have been on site in Lydney since 1978. We have a new lease of life after being bought by a company called Visionscape. We hope to spread this new lease of life by offering facilities for children to come, look around and get some hands-on work experience.”

Speaking about the company’s cutting-edge successes in the area of plastics recycling and re-engineering, Rees said “We are doing a lot of recovery work and we are making a lot of unorthodox compounds, for example we are taking plastic bottles and making them into printer cartridges for computer giant, Hewlett Packard. We are also looking at plastic banknotes to make plastic shovels.”

Mark Harper praised Vision Petlon Polymers for supporting the school and for its work recycling plastics, particularly in developing countries.

“We shouldn’t lose sight of the fact that plastics are incredibly important, and we don’t want to uninvent them because they do fantastic things. What we need to do is make sure we do not just chuck them away and wreck the environment. As such, businesses that recycle and look at smart ways of using plastic remain incredibly important in our society. The good work that Vision Petlon Polymers is doing is really important as it helps ensure that many countries in the world with environmental concerns can quickly learn to care about the environment.” Harper said.

Visionscape, the Dubai-based company stepped in to rescue the Lydney firm last October, protecting 30 jobs.

Presentation of 3D printer to Dean Academy by Petlon with Mark Harper MP

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