Toll Compounding Solutions

dyed polymer resins in test glasses on white in laboratory

Toll Compounding Solutions

Vision Petlon Polymers offers toll compounding and contract manufacturing services to the plastics industry. Look to us as a confidential provider of additional production capability, or as a partner for formulation and process expertise to bring your products to market.

As an extension of your production operation, we can take your raw materials, production specifications and packaging, and provide a finished product with the same performance and quality characteristics as you would expect from your own in house facilities. Or, as a full service contract manufacturer, operating under a toll manufacturing agreement we can offer raw material procurement, product manufacturing, full testing and QC, custom packaging and logistics services.

Our services are not limited to the processing of materials supplied by our customers. With our laboratories and well equipped application engineering facilities we are able to support our customers in the development of new materials and formulations.

Our toll compounding services allow you to take advantage of Vision Petlon Polymers’ extensive technical, engineering and manufacturing experience with custom thermoplastic compounds.

Our toll compounding services can help you.

  • Increase capacity without expansion costs.
  • Achieve faster turn-around time for customers.
  • Process your exact formulation from lab scale
    to full size production.
  • Research new resin and additive combinations
    and develop custom compounds and solutions
  • Cost effectively obtain small or large lot sizes.
  • Utilise state of the art, highly configurable compounding equipment operated by a fully trained and experienced manufacturing team.
  • Access state of the art technical, R&D and application development facilities and expertise.

Manufacturing equipment and capabilities

  • Certified ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO18001 facility.
  • Highly flexible, state of the art, single and twin screw compounding equipment delivering 20,000mt total capacity per annum.
  • Small scale laboratory compounding line for small lot production and product development activities.
  • Multiple raw material feeder configurations – handling liquids, pellets and powders.
  • De-volitisation / de-gassing systems.
  • Strand and underwater pelletising, pellet screening and blending systems.
  • Product drying and crystallising using a variety of technologies including state of the art infra-red technology.
  • Flexible product packing systems including bags, octabins, FIBC’s and bulk tanker.

Laboratory equipment and test capabilities

  • Specific Gravity.
  • Moisture content via IR test equipment.
  • Ash Content with microwave furnaces.
  • MFI including PET IV.
  • Solution viscosity.
  • Charpy impact.
  • Tensile strength + elongation.
  • Flexural strength + modulus.
  • Flammability – GW, UL-94, LOI.
  • Colour – both visual and spectrophotometer.
  • FT-IR chemical fingerprint.
  • DSC thermal fingerprint.
  • Mouldflow analysis.
  • Shore ‘A’ hardness & compression set.
About Us

Vision Petlon Polymers was founded in 1978 and is privately held by Visionscape. The company is headquartered in Lydney, Gloucestershire, UK.

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