Thermoplastic Solutions for Steel Wire Coating

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Thermoplastic Solutions for Steel Wire Coating

The Beetle® range of nylon and PET based compounds are specifically formulated to cope with the rigorous demands of high speed extrusion coating of steel wires. With compounds available in custom coloured options as well as standard black and natural, the product range is targeted to meet your market’s exacting needs.

Vision Petlon Polmyers formulation technology can deliver superior adhesion performance, enhanced dye up-take for self colour applications together with improved environmentally sustainable product offerings for this market sector. With more than 40 years in a technology leading role in this specialist sector, together with an emphasis on superior

quality and excellent customer service makes Vision Petlon Polymers ideally positioned to become your partner of choice. Wherever you are in the world, Vision Petlon Polymers’ global supply capability and proven local support can deliver existing and bespoke solutions tailored to meet your needs.

Beetle® Solutions for Wire Coating

Vision Petlon Polymers is a leading supplier of innovative solutions to the steel wire coating sector. Highly tailored nylon and PET compounds are used to extrude coatings onto steel wires at high speeds. The Beetle® compounds are designed for continuous extrusion processes and offer significant benefits versus traditional wire coating materials and techniques –

  • Greater consistency of quality
  • Superior adhesion performance
  • Better for the environment
  • Improved yield and lower costs

The Vision Petlon Polymers Beetle® wire coating compounds are offered in a wide range of colours (including custom colours) enabling wire coaters to offer creative design opportunities to a diverse range of end markets –

  • Textile / Garment – underwire, hook and eye Automotive – wiper assembly
  • Automotive – wiper assembly
  • Stationery – binding wire and paper clips Construction and industrial applications
  • Construction and industrial applications

Beetle® Products and Applications Areas

Our product offering is centred around two polymer technologies – nylon 6 and PET. Each technology
provides its own unique advantages –

PET Advantages -

  • Low moisture absorption and consistency of performance profile.
  • Higher temperature for more demanding applications

Nylon Advantages -

  • Water based dye compatibility
  • Improved ductility allowing intricate wire forms

WA (nylon based)

Serie 100100Naturale per auto-colorazione
Serie 200200Colorato
Serie 300320
Maggiore assorbimento della tinta
Serie 300330Altamente stabilizzato UV

WE (polyester Based)

100 Series100Natural for self colouring
200 Series200Coloured
300 Series300High ductility
300 Series310High ductility, high temperature peformance
400 Series400Sustainable source
400 Series410Oxydegradeable
400 Series420Sustainable source & oxydegradeable
About Us

Vision Petlon Polymers was founded in 1978 and is privately held by Visionscape. The company is headquartered in Lydney, Gloucestershire, UK.

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