Thermoplastic Solutions for Industrial Applications

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Thermoplastic Solutions for Industrial Applications

The Beetle® range of Nylon, PET and PBT engineering thermoplastic compounds are designed to offer a broad spectrum of capability – delivering an optimum balance of performance and cost necessary for industrial applications.

With an emphasis on superior quality, excellent customer service and innovation, Vision Petlon Polymers understands and is able to support the trends in industrial applications e.g metal replacement, weight reduction and enhanced durability. Vision Petlon Polymers is ideally positioned to become your partner of choice.

Starting with a focus on the end application, Vision Petlon Polymers can assist you to select the most appropriate material to meet your performance and cost requirements. The Vision Petlon Polymers product portfolio offers customers a complimentary range of products and polymer technologies to suit a diverse range of needs.

Beetle® Solutions for Industrial Applications

For over 40 years Vision Petlon Polymers has continually provided innovative engineering thermoplastic solutions to meet the diverse application demands for industrial products. Vision Petlon Polymers recognise the importance of balancing performance and durability with end part cost. As a supplier with a broad product and technology portfolio, Vision Petlon Polymers can offer you the best solutions with the optimum material for the required application – from wear resistant compounds, metal replacement formulations or conductive technologies there is a Beetle® material to suit your needs.

From the building site to the factory floor Beetle® engineering thermoplastics are widely used. Industrial application areas include

  • Appliances – housings, cases, brackets, fixings, cable management, castor wheels.
  • Building products – plumbing fittings, fastenings, wall fixings, architectural / structural components, window furniture.
  • Personal protective equipment.
  • Industrial process equipment – conveyors, rollers.
  • Metal replacement.
  • Mining and extraction.
  • Non-automotive fuel systems.
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Our commitment goes beyond the products we develop, manufacture and supply. As a responsible and ethical supply partner Vision Petlon Polymers is dedicated to continuous improvement in all aspects of our operations including the minimisation of our impact on the environment. We take seriously the obligation to be stewards of the welfare and interests of the communities in which we operate.

About Us

Vision Petlon Polymers was founded in 1978 and is privately held by Visionscape. The company is headquartered in Lydney, Gloucestershire, UK.

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