Nylon Solutions for Automotive Applications

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Nylon Solutions for Automotive Applications

Vision Petlon Polymers’ range of Beetle® nylon compounds are specifically formulated to meet the demanding performance and cost requirements that are necessary for the successful design and functional performance of interior, exterior and under-the-hood automotive components.

Our partnership philosophy is simple: if you aren’t successful, we aren’t successful. We view our relationships with customers as partnerships aimed at mutual success. To succeed we draw on a team of market development professionals and technical specialists with broad expertise in meeting the most rigorous automotive challenges. Throughout application development, our sights are set on integrating part design, compound development, process engineering and manufacturing in order to optimise component performance and, of course, finished cost. Just one of the resources we have available, for example, is our state-of-the-art pilot plant that can quickly scale up small batches of developmental compound into production quantities.

Quality That Counts – Our focus is on continuous improvement through reinvestment in employee training, systems enhancement and the physical plant. Vision Petlon Polymers are ISO system accredited to ISO9001, ISO14001, and ISO18001 standards.

We Deliver Consistent Products, On Time, Around the World – After material formulations are finalised, our compounding plants and distribution system work together to ensure a consistent and uniform supply of high quality product and service. Our expertise in global distribution management and integrated logistics ensure that you receive products on time anywhere in the world.

Speed, Flexibility & Agility – The world’s continually changing automotive manufacturing sector demands suppliers that can rapidly and seamlessly adapt their services to meet new and unusual requirements. Speed, flexibility, and agility are our hallmarks. Our adaptable production and supply pipeline permits creative approaches to reducing lead times in improving supply chain efficiency.

At Vision Petlon Polymers, we are committed to our mutual success in the automotive industry.

Beetle® Automotive Nylon Product Applications

The Beetle® range of automotive nylon compounds including our glass-reinforced, mineral-filled, impactmodified and flame retardant grades are specifically tailored to meet the demanding requirements found in harsh under-the-hood, under chassis, exterior and interior environments. All Beetle® compounds are available as precision colour matched compounds and can be heat and/or UV stabilised to meet stringent end use requirements.

Examples of our applications:

Powertrain / Under-the-hood: Engine/transmission system components such as engine covers, rocker and valve covers, oil fill tubes, oil caps and oil pans. Air induction system components such as intake manifolds, throttle bodies and air cleaner housings. Cooling system components such as fans and shrouds, radiator end tanks and coolant inlets. Electrical connectors.

Chassis / Mechanical Applications: Pedal and gear shift components such as gear lever bases and accelerator pads. Braking and suspension components such as brake systems, control modules, linkage rods, coil bobbins and solenoid housings. Steering system components such as steering column supports and power steering pumps. Electrical housings and connectors. Fasteners and cable management.

Exterior/Interior Applications: Door system components such as door handles, door locking units, window lift modules and drums. Seating system components such as seat adjustment levers and slides, seat belt D-rings and latch over-moulds. Wiper system components such as wiper housings and arms. Air bag components such as air bag housings and brackets. Mirror housings and brackets. Roof rails and wheel covers

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Vision Petlon Polymers was founded in 1978 and is privately held by Visionscape. The company is headquartered in Lydney, Gloucestershire, UK.

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