Working Enviroment

Our people understand that our success as a company is shaped by the talent, expertise and commitment of every member of the team. We create the necessary environment where our people can grow their expertise, use their knowledge to the fullest extent, and develop themselves while working on environmental sustainability.

At Vision Petlon Polymers our people are a key pillar to our success. Therefore, we continue to promote consistent growth and individual excellence, while ensuring the safety and job satisfaction of each employee.

In order to continue to  create a working environment where requisite skills are developed and enhanced , we promote workplace equality and strive to create opportunities for continued learning and advancement within the company.

Diversity and Inclusion

Our mission is to create a rich, diverse and inclusive environment that respects the unique talents, perspectives and experiences of our employees.

Diversity and inclusion is an integral part of our success strategy.

Research reveals that companies who are able to leverage on the varying strength, skills and perspectives of their employees achieve better business performance. In the crucial skill sets of problem solving, conflict resolution, idea vetting and creativity, diversity always wins.

We put considerable effort into attracting qualified female applicants, it is our resolve that the mechanical and physical aspect of our work should never be a barrier to women entering the field.

Our People are our most valuable asset. We pledge to create a culture of acceptance, tolerance and individuality so we can all learn – and grow – together.

About Us

Vision Petlon Polymers was founded in 1978 and is privately held by Visionscape. The company is headquartered in Lydney, Gloucestershire, UK.

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